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ADVID 2014 Award - Michael Symington

In 2014, based on a selection of works made by the Managing Board of ADVID, the Jury has decided to award the ADVID 2014 Award - Michael Symington, to the work:

Different Phenolic Compounds Activate Distinct Human Bitter Taste Receptors

This was a study conducted by a team of researchers from the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department, of the School of Science, of the University of Porto - FCUP (Victor Freitas, Susana Soares and Nuno Mateus), and from the German Institute of Human Nutrition (Susann Kohl, Sophie Thalmann and Wolfgang Meyerhof), aimed at studying the compounds responsible for triggering the feelings of bitterness and astringency, one of the most discussed and most complex issues in winemaking. Its understanding may help make wine that can come closer to the taste of different consumers.

Each year the award honours an outstanding personality in the development of the Douro Wine Region. In 2014 it honoured Mr Michael Symington, born in Porto in 1925, and a leading figure of the Symington family, which has been dedicated for generations to Port Wine and to the Douro Wine Region, and is actually the largest family business in the sector.

Michael Symington always showed great perseverance in defending the Douro, its wines and its people, and, along with his wife Elizabeth, they received numerous visits from the wine branch and from journalists in the Douro, carrying the Douro to all corners of the world.

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