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2007 ADVID award

In 2007, the award honoured the Agricultural Engineer Álvaro Baltazar Moreira da Fonseca, a prominent personality who served as President of the Casa do Douro and was the author of several scientific studies, including the “Classification Method of Vineyard Plots of the Demarcated Douro Region” (“Método de Classificação das Parcelas de Vinha da Região Demarcada do Douro”), an insightful article of great scientific and technical value.

The ADVID - Álvaro Baltazar Moreira da Fonseca award was awarded by the ADVID jury to the study: "Discrimination of Portuguese grapevines based on microsatellite markers". The team led by Prof. Artur da Câmara Machado, a researcher at the Azores University (Universidade dos Açores), used molecular biology methods to clarify issues relating to the identification of grape varieties, studying the genetic similarities of 46 national varieties.

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