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Tannin Portal

ADVID has a tannin analysis service available in partnership with the AWRI (The Australian Wine Research Institute).

AWRI is a prestigious Australian research institute with more than 50 years of service in wine science and industry.

Tannins have widely recognised oenological relevance, affecting the colour stability and the aging of wines, oxidation-reduction phenomena and tactile characteristics (astringency in particular).

Thus, knowing the concentration of tannins in partly fermented grape musts or wines is extremely important and can help in the decision-making process, for example, in the use of winemaking technology and fermentation, or in pressing and lotting procedures.

Thus, any persons interested in this service should send samples of approximately 10 cL of wine or grape must fermented for 3 days to the ADVID lab.

The sample must be accompanied by the invoice of the tannin analysis and the price per sample is €5.00 for Members and €15.00 for non-members. VAT at the statutory rate is added to this value.

The estimated response time is approximately 8 hours after sample delivery.

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