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Biodiversity check – individual training concepts

Autores: Partnership for Biodiversity Protection in Viticulture in Europe
he Biodiversity Check offers the vine growers a first individual overview over the issue of biodiversity and thus provides the basis for integrating biodiversity in the management and to undertake actions for the sustainable use of resources and the protection of nature. The check is used to examine the different areas of the farm, such as management, vineyard, purchasing, sales etc. with regard to the effects on biodiversity. New is the fact that not only the direct impacts of the vinery/farm are considered, but also indirect effects that could arise along the supply chain, e.g. sustainability of materials used, marketing, sales etc. The check identifies the contact points between the farm and biodiversity and provides suggestions for objectives and measures to reduce risks and negative impacts. It is an internal instrument and does not constitute a certification. However, farmers can communicate that they have participated in the check, but the communication of activities and projects that have been performed to support biodiversity should be a priority.
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