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Master in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship (MIETE)

05-02-2017 | Universidade do Porto
Since 2004, the Master in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship (MIETE), a partnership between Faculty of Engeneering and Faculdade Econimics of U.Porto, has been promoting the initial process of innovation in order to create opportunities for the commercialization of new products and services.
The skills developed in MIETE are relevant not only for those who want to launch a new business venture but also for those who wish to develop activity in the area of innovation in existing companies. Professor Stephen Markham in an interview with MIETE-BLOG explains why.
For a few years this master's degree has been taught in English, allowing the participation of students from many different parts of the world (eg.: France, India, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Chile, Tunisia, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Brazil). You can read in BLOG: Foreign Students @ MIETE and Interview with Ludovicus Henricus Fransiscus Eliens.

Applications 2017-2019: further information in this link.
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