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Mountains 2016 Field trip: Adaptation to climate change in Portuguese mountains: the case of the Douro Valley wine sector

05-10-2016 | ADVID
The vineyard culture is particularly sensitive to climate conditions. The historical evolution and the climate projections of the wine regions show that some changes occurred and are likely to occur in the future, with a strong impact on the wine industry. These changes include: bigger pressure over water resources, new changes at the evolution of phenological states, possible changes of the grape and wine composition, possible need to change the grape variety, inevitable changes in the types of wines at regional scale, and viable changes of spatial matter in wine regions.

As a consequence, the sector has been very concerned while monitoring the behavior of the phenomenon at the Region, and it has also been searching of sustainable strategies to mitigate the effects of these changes in the wine industry. This field trip took us to some iconic Douro’s Farms, where was shared by the technicians strategies used over time, to mitigate the effects of the climate changes, such as land’s systematization, drainage structures, grape varieties, rootstocks, etc.
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