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1982 - Establishment of the ADVID

The ADVID is a non-profit association that was established on February 11th, 1982 by a group of companies involved in the production and trade of wines from the Demarcated Douro Region; the organisation aims to contribute to the modernisation of viticulture and the consequent increase in the profitability of the Region’s vineyards and the improvement of the quality of its wines.

ADVID has been a pioneer in defining the model and strategy to follow; it has maintained this pioneering spirit since its inception and represents one of the few national cases where differing efforts have produced an equitable sharing of results and knowledge.

Foto com os fundadores da ADVID, no dia da sua constituição formal .

José António Ramos-Pinto Rosas, ADVID founder and enthusiast.

Founding members:

- Adriano Ramos Pinto-Vinhos S.A.R.L. (private company limited by shares)
- Barros, Almeida & Ca. (Company) - Vinhos S.A.R.L.
- Caves da Raposeira, Lda. (Limited company)
- Cockburn Smithes & Ca. Lda.
- Companhia Agrícola e Comercial de Vinhos do Porto, S.A.R.L. (A. A. Ferreira, Sucrs. (Branch))
- Manuel Poças Júnior, Lda.
- Sandeman & Cª. (Company), Lda.

The founding members and the following members were the first members of the association:

- Forrester &Cª. Lda.
- Gran Cruz Porto - Sociedade Comercial de Vinhos (Wine Trade Society), Lda.
- Murças, Lda.
- Quinta do Noval - Vinhos S. A.
- Taylor, Fladgate & Yeatman – Vinhos (Wines), S.A.
- Warre & Cª. S.A.

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