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Agri-environmental Management

The following initiatives are considered in the "Agri-environmental Management" service:
- Support in the framework of legislation in the practical application of Agri-environmental measures (AEM).
- Technical support for decision-making in the scope of integrated production and good agricultural practices, including:

  • Visiting the Member for monitoring the health situation of their plants (plan established with the respective technical staff);
  • Preparation and revision of lists of active substances approved for grapevine disease and pests;
  • Issuance of informative technical newsletters;
  • Issuance of notices monitoring the health situation of plants;
  • Treatment and provision of regional information on diseases and pests;
  • Help in the preparation of field journals;
  • Help in the collection and treatment of soil and plant samples in the sampling plot or plots;
  • Provision of information regarding the compliance with the other rules relating to the Practice of Integrated Production;
  • Supporting the process of certification of production that will be performed by the Private Office for Control (POC), as indicated in the application process;
  • Support in complying with Good Agricultural Practices and the rules of Conditionality;
  • Provision of information on reference plots for supporting the practice of Integrated Production;
  • Provision of climate information at the DDR level;
  • Preparation of applications for Agri-environmental Measures, RPU (Single Payment Scheme), MZDs (Maintenance of Agricultural Activity in Less Favoured Areas) and ITIs (Integrated Territorial Interventions);
  • Monitoring of the administrative proceedings at IFAP;
  • Support in the resolution of issues related to the control of applications.

ADVID provides a team of experts for the applications of greater complexity, which are usually submitted by winemakers in the Demarcated Douro Region.

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